Terms & Conditions

(w.e.f. 21 Dec 2023).

These Terms and Conditions set forth an agreement between SLVAR Group (henceforth referred to as the “Company”) and its clients. Design UPSPACES is one of the company’s brands. Its mission is to provide clients with all-inclusive interior design solutions. Any individual, company, or other entity that acquires goods or services from Design UPSPACES is considered a customer.

Validity of Price, or VOP:

1. The whole cost of the customer project will depend on measurements, project scope, and changes to finishes, materials, and designs. Based on these modifications, customers could expect a 5–10% variation in the quote value. However, in the event of a non-standard product selection, alteration, or additional scope of work, the prices may increase dramatically from the first quote’s value.
2. Subject to the terms and conditions listed here, if applicable, the customer must pay an initial payment of either 5% of the quoted value or INR 25,000, whichever is higher (in the case of scenario 1 described below) or 10% of the quoted value or INR 50,000, whichever is lower (in the case of the that 2).

Payment Structure:

1. The initial payment is required at the moment the order is scheduled and is equal to INR 25,000 or 5% of the quoted amount, whichever is higher.

2. The second payment, which is equivalent to 65% of the quoted value, is required two days after the final design is completed.

3. The remaining 30% of the quoted price is the third and final installment, and it is due on the date mentioned in the email the client received indicating that it is “Ready to Dispatch.”
Note: A non-refundable convenience fee of 2% (including GST) on the total amount owed may apply to some payment methods, including credit card, debit card, net banking, and wallet.

4. The name on the order booking and the customer’s KYC should match. Name changes are not allowed after an order has been reserved. In order to facilitate all legal correspondence, financing options, refund processing in the event of a cancellation as specified in these terms and conditions, and the delivery of a GST invoice in the case of a registered person, full names must be provided at the time of order booking.

5. To arrange an order with Design UPSPACES, the customer bid value must include a minimum of INR 1,50,000 in “woodwork”. The quoted amount will not be approved if the price is less than INR 1,50,000.

6. The initial price value provided by Design UPSPACES at the time of order booking might not include the civil, plumbing, gas-piping, or electrical services. The exact value of the quote will depend on the site conditions.

7. The third and last installment must be paid, not before installation, but before the factory ships the materials.

8. Items that are associated with client order brands and are subject to changes in manufacturer stock levels or price variations may not be accessible during the First installment and Second installment payment phases, such as appliances, lights, loose furniture, etc. In such cases, the consumer would have the option to choose among the other products that are offered.

9. Design UPSPACES’ work is categorized as interior design solutions, and it falls within the purview of SAC 995476, which is for “Works Contract Services of Interior Solutions.” The location of the supply will be considered by the state in which the installation is to be finished, regardless of bill to state. GST will be collected on all advance payments, and GST invoices will be created at the end of the project.

10. Customers may pay Design UPSPACES cash up to Rs. 199,999 during any stage of the relevant project.
   1. Design UPSPACES will only accept a maximum of Rs. 49,999 in cash without a PAN.
   2. Up to Rs. 1,99,999 in cash can be accepted by Design UPSPACES with a PAN. Please be aware that PANs can only be owned by the customer, and that for payments to be authorized, the customer must obtain and provide a copy of their PAN to the finance team.
   3. You cannot split an order to accommodate a customer’s excess funds.

11. The customer will be responsible for paying a demurrage charge of INR 500 per day, starting on the second day the installment becomes due until the amount is paid in full if the third installment—that is, the final 50% of the estimate—is not paid by the customer within the time frame specified in the “Ready to dispatch” email that the customer received.

12. During the Customer’s relationship with the Design UPSPACES, the Design UPSPACES must approve all payments made by the Customer through email conversation. Until this approval is received, the payment will not be regarded as genuine.

Evaluates the Installation:

When doing civil work on the job site, hand marks and scratches are inevitable (such as false ceilings, electrical, plumbing, gas pipelines, wall demolition, wall dividers, etc.). It is recommended to apply a final coat of paint once all interior work is completed.

Delivery of Orders and Installation:

1. At the latest, on the delivery date indicated in the quotation, the customer’s order will be delivered and installed at the address they have provided.
2. The delivery date will be decided by the completion of the following requirements, sometimes referred to as “All-Set-Go”:
– The interior design and specification documentation require signatures from Design UPSPACES and the client.
– The client is required to adhere to the specified payment milestones for all payments.
– The Delivery Guarantee will begin on the day that payment is approved, as informed by an email from Design UPSPACES; d. Following the Works Contract, the customer turns over the Site to Design UPSPACES in a state that complies with the requirements of the Customer’s Site Readiness Checklist.

Note: The rear panel of every carcass that has a core made of material other than boiling-water-proof plywood needs to be Pre-Lam MDF. If relevant, the back panel of any carcass with a boiling waterproof plywood (BWP) core must be manufactured of plywood.”

Delivery Assurance:

Customers who meet All-Set-Go and the project’s size requirements may be eligible for Design UPSPACES’s Delivery Guarantee. Customers may be eligible to receive one of the following guarantees, subject to the following categories:
1. A guarantee of 45 days for delivery;
2. a guarantee of 45 + 10 days for delivery; or
3. a guarantee of nil. In all other cases, the Delivery Date is an estimate, and Design UPSPACES shall not be responsible for any failure to meet it.
1. Standard Design UPSPACES Offerings:
Standard Design UPSPACES Offerings: Only the project will be covered by a 45-day delivery guarantee if the customer’s whole scope of services only includes items from the following “Type A” categories.
. Fit-out and modular furniture, which includes setup.
. An Inauthentic Ceiling
. Standard Electrical Works (relocating and adding points)
. Services for countertops, such as granite installation, chipping, and removal f. Appliances (installation included)
. Lighting, which encompasses setup.
.Unrestricted Furniture (except for the brands @home by Nilkamal, FabIndia, Urban Ladder, and Duian, which are protected by Type C’s No Delivery Guarantee).
. Mattresses (note that the No Delivery Guarantee provision does not apply to Urban Ladder).
. Cleaning Services.
Additional Services: A 45+10-day delivery guarantee applies to the Customer project if the whole scope of services includes any items from the following “Type B” categories in addition to products from the previously mentioned “Type A” categories.
.Paperwork, which includes installation.
.Wooden floors.
.Phase 2 Painting: This is often the last paint coat.
.Cleaning services.
Non-Standard Services: No fixed timeframe delivery guarantee will apply to items from any of the following “Type C” categories for the customer project:
.Examples of loose furniture are Urban Ladder, Fab India, Durian, and @home by Nilkamal Products.)
. Arte zone, IVA, wall art
. Schneider and Smitch, Philips home automation
. Texture painting, which includes the final coat of paint; e. If non-standard electrical works and civil/renovation activities are included in the customer’s total scope of services.
. When applicable, the completion of all three of the following phases will mark the beginning of the specified timeframe delivery guarantee period:
. Both the customer and the Design UPSPACES project team ought to have accepted the design.
. The client has approved the Design UPSPACES Works Contract.
. The money for the customer’s second installment is received by Design UPSPACES, who then authorizes it.

If Design UPSPACES is unable to complete the Customer’s project within the applicable delivery guarantee period as specified under these terms and conditions, Design UPSPACES will pay the Customer rent at the rate of Rs. 1000 per day for each day of delay, subject to the satisfaction of all prerequisites for obtaining such a delivery guarantee. For further information regarding these prerequisites, please refer to the section labeled “Pre-conditions for Delivery Guarantee.”

Prerequisites for our delivery Promise: All items on the site readiness checklist should be completed by the time Design UPSPACES begins the installation process.
Products in the quotation that are not denoted by a category symbol are assumed to fall within the “Type A” category, for which there is a 45-day delivery guarantee.

Any delivery delays caused by the customer or by an event of force majeure shall not be held against Design UPSPACES.

Only in marketing, branding, promotions, and other contexts on the website and/or with other products owned and managed by Design UPSPACES are the terms “guarantee” and “guaranteed” used informally.

Requirements for the Promise of Delivery:

The Delivery Guarantee will not apply in the following circumstances.
1. If either the builder or the client has jurisdiction over the following:
1. If there are restrictions on work hours on the site during the day.
2. If granite is supplied or installed. 3. If stoves and/or chimneys are supplied and/or installed. 4. If electrical points are moved.
3. If the customer is not in total control of the site and the builder has given them temporary ownership of it.
4. If the builder is working on the project alongside any other third-party contractor to complete carpentry, painting, wallpapering, painting, or doing civil work, core-cutting, and other jobs.
5. If there are any design changes made after the order is placed and goes into production.
6. If the client dwells at the site at the time of installation.
7. Abnormal execution barriers, like continuous power outages, broken elevators, unauthorized building access, etc.
8. Should Design UPSPACES’s capacity to perform its duties be hampered by a lawsuit involving the property, location, or other issues on the customer, constructor, or any other Party.
9. A Force Majeure situation has occurred. (Events that are categorized as force majeure include fires, acts of war, acts of terrorism, pandemics, lockdowns, and any other event that is beyond of Design UPSPACES’s control.) Acts of God, such as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, lightning, and other natural disasters; environmental conditions, such as air pollution, solvent exposure, mold, mildew, etc.; or stains from foreign materials, such as oils, grease, and sprays.
10.OEM replacements resulting from functional defects found at the time of handover are not covered by the Delivery Guarantee. Design UPSPACES will help with the replacements, which will be finished at no cost per the OEM timeline. For example, mismatched colors, scratches on handles, hardware, accessories, appliances like stoves and chimneys, etc.
11. Design UPSPACES will replace shutters if deep scratches are found after the protective liners have been peeled off and polishing chemicals are unable to be removed; however, this service is not guaranteed by the Delivery Guarantee.
12. If an OEM shade variation (Merino, Associate, ActionTesa, etc.) with the same color shutter finish is available, it will be substituted at no additional cost and will not be covered by the Delivery Guarantee. Design UPSPACES will collaborate with OEMs to simplify replacements.
13. If the quote’s woodwork component is equal to or greater than INR 15 lakhs, the Delivery Guarantee will not be effective due to the scope of work required.

Promise for Products and Services:


All woodwork owned by clients is covered by Design UPSPACES’s Flat 10-Year Warranty. This insures you against any defects in the installation’s craftsmanship or the woodworking components’ manufacturing.
The Manufacturer’s Warranty Policy specifically outlines the coverage for all appliances, hardware, accessories, and other goods acquired from Original Equipment Manufacturers.
In addition, Design UPSPACES provides a Service Warranty for many products, which are listed below.

For the advantage of the client, the Design UPSPACES Works Contract and FAQ sections of www.Design UPSPACES.com/care also contain a comprehensive description of our warranty policy. Customers may refer to the Works Contract when making their second installment payment of the quoted value.

Note: Design UPSPACES Juvenile products fall under a 3-year warranty bracket and are not covered by Design UPSPACES’ Flat 10-Year Warranty.

Warranty Details:

1. Design UPSPACES’ Product Guarantee – Associated Items
If any of the following products are still under warranty and exhibit a manufacturing defect, Design UPSPACES will, at its discretion, either replace or repair the afflicted products.
2. Products Made by Original Equipment Manufacturers
The customer will obtain a warranty from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) if they purchase any of the Products (see below) and receive them.
3. Unwarranted Products
The remainder of the goods, products, or materials used or provided by Design UPSPACES (a list is provided below) are provided “as is,” with no warranties made either explicitly or implicitly.
4. Covered Services under Design UPSPACES’ Service Warranty
Subject to the specified service issues and exclusions, Design UPSPACES shall, at its discretion, correct any installation errors in any of the following Products during the specified warranty periods after the handover date.
Note: The warranty period listed below is valid beginning on the date of handover and lasts for a maximum of one (1) year. As said before, Design UPSPACES will cover the same for the first six (6) months of the warranty period with a 100% warranty. After then, the buyer will pay the remaining 25% of the warranty fee, with Design UPSPACES
5. Design UPSPACES Kids room interiors are covered by warranty. Kids Furnishings
During the warranty period that begins on the date of handover, Design UPSPACES will, at its discretion, repair or replace any HL Junior (Kids Furniture) Product that has a manufacturing defect.

Limitations on the Guarantee:

Design UPSPACES excludes all liabilities and warranties for: (a) any terms related to the Products covered by the warranty; or (b) any damage caused to the Products by any of the following:
Damage from collisions, accidents, or incorrect handling; typical wear and tear, such as dents, scrapes, and cuts.
2. Doesn’t cover damage resulting from misuse, negligence, or regular wear & tear.
3. Design UPSPACES will only manage bends greater than 3 mm.
4. Water seepage and leakage into the building structure, along with continuous wetness on the outside following (i) 72 hours for BWP grade (IS710) plywood, 48 hours for BWR grade (IS303) plywood, and 24 hours for materials of external grade PB and Hydro Guard Plus/HDF.
5. Exposure to extreme or severe light, sunshine, moisture, heat, or other environmental factors can cause deterioration, discoloration, fading, or other changes in the color, grain, and texture of natural wood products, laminates, and other materials.
6. The incorrect application of chemicals, cleansers, abrasives, or other cleaning agents that might damage the items’ hardwood surfaces or corrode the accessories.
7. Maltreatment, negligent handling, mistreatment, insufficient or inaccurate attention (including, but not limited to, weather exposure).
8. Modifications to the product or usage that differ from or are not under Design UPSPACES’s instructions, as well as the use of things that Design UPSPACES has not approved.
9. Damaged, compromised, or rendered inoperable due to an occurrence of Force Majeure. (An event falling under the category of Force Majeure includes fire; acts of war; acts of terrorism; pandemics; lockdowns; or any other event that is beyond Design UPSPACES’s control.) Acts of God, such as floods, storms, earthquakes, lightning, and other natural disasters; environmental factors, such as air pollution, exposure to solvents, mold, and mildew; or stains from foreign substances, such as oils, grease, and sprays.
10. Poor maintenance of the Covered Products, which hinders their intended use;
11. Should the Covered Products be resold (either separately or in connection with the Customer’s property transaction)
12. Any person who has attempted to replace, fix, or alter the Covered Products without authorization from Design UPSPACES;
13. Rusting of hinges, channels, and other metal parts, since these could be harmed by chemicals and household sprays;

Procedure for Filing a Warranty Claim:

1. To claim a warranty against any of the Covered Products that are valid under the warranty terms, the customer must raise a ticket on the Design UPSPACES website or by calling the company’s toll-free number, identifying the Covered Product and the fault noticed, along with images and/or other documentation of the same.
2. Design UPSPACES will send an authorized representative to the client’s location to inspect and assess it to ascertain whether the claim is covered by the warranty, upon receipt of a written notice from the customer.
3. If the product is protected under warranty, Design UPSPACES will arrange for repair or replacement, per the information given by a representative of the company.
4. Should a product need to be replaced, Design UPSPACES will provide an equivalent item that is almost identical to the defective product in terms of dimensions, features, and color. Regarding the replacement product’s exact likeness to the covered damaged products, Design UPSPACES denies all liability. A replacement product will not be covered by any later warranties. For instance, a product that has been replaced will not be subject to a new warranty and will still be protected under the terms of the old one.

Maintenance and Service:

1. For the first six months after the date of handover, clients are eligible for one complimentary service to address common maintenance issues with moving parts (hinges, channels, etc.), such as alignment issues or parts coming loose.
2. The consumer must schedule an appointment by contacting 1800-369-4662 or completing an online form at www.designupspaces.com/care to benefit from the free service. If the customer does not use the free service within the allotted six months, Design UPSPACES obligation to give it will end.
3. After six months from the date of handover, customers may request paid maintenance services by contacting Design UPSPACES customer care and scheduling a service visit. The costs for such a visit will be the same as what Design UPSPACES was billing for servicing visits at the time.
4. Any repairs or replacements recommended during a service call, whether free or paid for, as well as any maintenance that the client requests and that is not covered by the terms of the warranty, will be done at an extra expense. After the customer’s service visit, Design UPSPACES will provide an estimate of these additional expenses based on the inspection and assessment.

Design UPSPACES Care:

1. Customers can make requests for any difficulties related to their project at www.designupspaces.com/care.
2. Design UPSPACES will execute a free one-time service visit to the site within six months of the date of handover to carry out routine checks, including moving parts like hinges, channels, etc. The Customer will get a call from the Care personnel to schedule the appointment. The complimentary service takes care of minor alignment issues and loose pieces. A simple alignment check of all shutters, lofts, drawers, and accessories is also included, along with a look for any extra wire that might be hidden beneath the TV unit.
3. Some of Design UPSPACES’ products include a lot of moving parts, thus they may require periodic re-alignment and maintenance. Any requests for maintenance or services after the free service will be charged for. Currently, each service visit from Design UPSPACES costs 750 (Rupees Seven Hundred and Fifty). During this visit, all goods will be adjusted; replacements will not be provided. This request must be made by the consumer via www.Design UPSPACES.com/care.
4. If the work entails realigning the units and/or replacing elements that are not covered under warranty (due to physical damage, persistent water leaks, rusting, etc.), the replacement cost would exceed Rs. 750. Following the visit, a bill for these expenses will be provided.

House Keeping Services:

The site will get the following range of services after installation:
1. Dusting, sweeping, and mopping all surfaces.
2. Dusting and wiping out pencil markings from cabinet doors.
3. Dusting the interiors of wooden cabinets.
4. It is not within the purview to use mechanical instruments for extensive cleaning.

Services for Unloading:

Any material transported via the staircase above the second floor will incur one or more of the additional costs listed below:
1. Materials removed from the third floor and above shall be subject to a fixed unloading cost of Rs. 5000 if the service lift is not operational.
2. Starting on the ninth floor and up, there will be an additional charge of Rs. 1000 for each level of material transportation in cases where the service lift isn’t operating.
Notice: The client must send any legal notices, court summonses, mediation proceeding summonses, or other legal papers to the following registered address of the business: SLVAR Group, Legal Team, Indiranagar, Bangalore – 560008, 2nd floor, 1006, 14th main HAL, 2nd stage.

Customer Conduct:

1. Design UPSPACES does not allow discrimination against its agents based on any of the following: age, gender identity, sex, race, religion, caste, origin, handicap, age, or any other characteristic that may be legally protected.
2. In addition to providing our representatives with a secure workspace at the project site that complies with all applicable laws, regulations, and societal norms, if, customers are expected to treat all of our representatives with decency and respect. Design UPSPACES reserves the right to refuse to provide any service(s) if the customer violates this section, fails to provide a safe and compliant location, acts rudely, disrespectfully, abusively, or in any other inappropriate manner, or if other issues on the customer impact the Design UPSPACES services. Additionally, Design UPSPACES maintains the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse service until the client completely complies with this section’s obligations. Please be aware that disregarding this area could throw off the Customer project’s schedule and affect the Delivery Guarantee (if applicable). Under the terms of the Works Contract and/or Quotation that you and Design UPSPACES have agreed upon, this delay will not be regarded as a breach by Design UPSPACES; on the other hand, any loss or delay resulting from your failure to comply with this section will amount to a breach by Customer under the terms of the Works Contract and/or Quotation, as applicable.
3. Customers acknowledge and agree that they will be required to report any instances in which one of our representatives behaves in an impolite, rude, abusive, inappropriate, or illegal manner to compliance@abodeminds.com and legal@abodeminds.com as soon as possible, but no later than 48 hours after the incident, with the appropriate documentation.
4. Clients are requested to maintain any correspondence with our representative by official email and, if necessary, to maintain contact with the appropriate Point of Contact (POC) that Design UPSPACES has designated. If you require any additional assistance with your project, you can reach out to the Care Team at care@abodeminds.com. This clause will be violated by any complaint or escalation that is reported to an unnecessary party inside Design UPSPACES, and Design UPSPACES has the right to pursue any necessary legal action.

Privacy and Personal Data Policy:

1. The Customer hereby expressly grants Design UPSPACES permission to gather, store, maintain, process, and use personal data, including contact information, as set out in our privacy policy. The Company will only use the client’s personal information as required to carry out its duty to provide the client with products and services.
2. The client authorizes the business to communicate with them by phone calls, WhatsApp, SMS, email, and other channels. It is understood that contact information and other personal data will be kept confidential and that any correspondence will only address the products or services being offered. Design UPSPACES reserves the right to snap and post images of the completed work.
3. In accordance with our privacy policy, the Customer also gives the Company permission to share personal information, such as contact details, with vendors, franchisees, and third-party providers.
4. For a thorough understanding of our data handling practices, please check our Privacy Policy at https://www.designupspaces.com/privacypolicy. We strongly recommend that the consumer read the privacy policy to ensure they are informed of the terms and circumstances.
5. Emails to legal@designupspaces.com regarding the use or deletion of personal data should be directed to the Company.
6. The customer certifies that they have read, comprehended, and agree that all of the terms of the work contract are true to the best

Regulation of Law and Authority:

1. The interpretation and administration of these terms and conditions shall be governed by Indian law.
2. Any dispute arising out of or connected to the Agreement must be exclusively resolved by the courts located in Bangalore, India.

Terms and Conditions for Individualized Quote Requests:

The Custom Quotation Offerings – Terms and Conditions (henceforth, “Custom Quotation T&Cs”) will apply if Design UPSPACES gives the customer a custom quote, and Design UPSPACES will utilize their vendors to finish the custom work. Because of their expertise and experience, these vendors handle the necessary tasks associated with the customer’s customs procedure. The Vendors are exclusively in charge of ensuring that the bespoke work is completed to the quality and standard specified in the Quotation, except what is specified in these terms and conditions.

Please note that the covenants specified in the Works Contract and any other documents Design UPSPACES may provide for the project must be read in connection with the Terms and Conditions of the Custom Quotation. Other relevant Service Terms and Conditions also apply to them.

Vendor(s): Design UPSPACES’ partners for services related to custom work include individuals, companies, or organizations that fall under this category.

Custom Work: The term “Custom” must be included before the product or service description to identify any custom work included in the quotation. This will be referred to as “Custom Work” moving forward, and the scope will be noted as “Custom Scope of Work.”

Client Consent (“Consent”) and Privacy. This consent is related to the sharing of client information with third parties that Design UPSPACES has contracted with to finish custom work. Regarding the Custom Work, Design UPSPACES will provide the client data that they have given to the vendors working on the Custom Scope of Work. The customer’s information may include but is not limited to, name, phone number, address, and site address to fulfill the Custom Scope of Work. Thus, the Customer now specifically consents to the unrestricted sharing of such information with the Design UPSPACES-hired vendors. The client is aware that this information needs to be shared with the vendors for them to finish the bespoke work the client has requested.

Designs: Following consultation with the customer, Design UPSPACES will provide the designs for the Custom Scope of Work. After site measurement, these designs could, however, be altered depending on the vendor’s feedback. Please take note that once the customer has paid the second installment, no changes can be made to the finalized designs, even though they are still open for discussion.

Non-Solicitation: The Customer may not, either directly or indirectly, approach any vendors engaged in the Custom Scope of Work without Design UPSPACES prior written consent.
If the Customer has questions or concerns after the project has been turned over, they should speak with the Design UPSPACES care team. If the Customer has questions or concerns before the project is turned over, they should speak with the Design UPSPACES project manager managing the Customer project. These issues concern the goods and services that the Vendor or one of its representatives provided to the Customer as part of the Custom Scope of Work.

The client agrees not to participate in any unethical or illegal actions, such as paying the vendor or one of its representatives directly in cash or kind. Design UPSPACES will be the only point of contact for the Customer and Vendor to facilitate the Custom Scope of Work through the Vendor under Custom Quotation. About the Custom Scope of Work, Customer hereby represents and agrees that it will, at all times, avoid conflicts of interest, notify the required Point of Contact (POC) from Design UPSPACES, and refrain from engaging in any unethical or illegal acts, such as bribery, to obtain an improper advantage for such Custom Work.

No-Delivery Guarantee: The project will be automatically categorized as a Nil Guarantee project, or one with no delivery timetable guarantee, if any custom work is included in the project’s total scope.

Warranty: Design UPSPACES shall provide a one-year warranty on the Custom Scope of Work, commencing on the handover date, based on the details fully described above under the heading “Warranty Details.”

Variations in price for custom work: Within the custom scope of work, measurements, modifications to the design, material, finishes, etc., will ascertain the exact cost of the project. These modifications may result in a 10%–20% change in the cost of custom work. In other cases, the proportion may be larger because of things like specifications, the quality and finish of the product, and the final designs created by the customer. Please be advised that no refunds will be received after the Second Installment. At that point, the price listed in the quotation will be the final amount, and it won’t be subject to any more adjustments.

Relationship between Design UPSPACES and Vendor: Design UPSPACES will act as a go-between for the Vendor and the Customer to facilitate the Custom Work. Unless otherwise specified below, Design UPSPACES disclaims all liability concerning any products or services that the Vendor may supply.

These custom quotation terms and conditions are governed by Indian law. Only the courts in Bengaluru will have the authority to decide any issues.
If there is a conflict between the terms and conditions of the works contract and the customer quotation or any other terms and conditions, like, the terms and conditions of the works contract will take priority.

If the Customer or Vendor exploits or misuses the procedure, Design UPSPACES has the right to refuse or cancel the project without being held responsible.

Design UPSPACES shall not be responsible for any damages or losses if the Customer willfully breaches any of the terms and conditions, including via carelessness.

Design UPSPACES disclaims all responsibility for any indirect, special, punitive, consequential, or accidental damages arising out of or connected to the Custom Work.

Design UPSPACES disclaims all liability for any losses or damages resulting from a force majeure event.

In any event, the amount paid to Design UPSPACES for the Custom Scope of Work shall not, at the time of the dispute, exceed Design UPSPACES’ total liability under the Custom Work.
Design UPSPACES is free to alter, modify, or remove the highlighted T&Cs and the Custom Work at any moment and without incurring any obligations.

This Brand Association Table is a list of every brand to which Design UPSPACES is associated. Design UPSPACES reserves the right to carry only a subset of the products offered by any of these brands. Furthermore, Design UPSPACES reserves the right to alter it from time to time without informing the client.