Every place has a distinct personality, and at Design UPSPACES, we make sure that your personal preferences and way of life are reflected in every interior design project.

We provide various interior design solutions, from conception to completion, guaranteeing our clients a smooth and joyful experience. To realize your vision, our designers pay close attention to every detail and use cutting-edge concepts, high-quality materials, and contemporary design trends. Whether you’re looking for a modern, traditional, or eclectic look, Design UPSPACES is dedicated to designing rooms that suit your functional demands and individuality.

We Offer

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We know that a well-designed interior space depends on effectively using available space. Our space planners thoroughly examine the distinctive qualities of every location, accounting for traffic patterns, architectural subtleties, and our client's particular requirements.

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Our Furniture Design segment is committed to creating custom furniture that perfectly combines usefulness and style to elevate spaces and meet our customer's aspirations. Design UPSPACES talented staff of furniture designers is dedicated to producing one-of-a-kind, eye-catching pieces that enhance the overall coherence and personality of the space with every project.

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Our state-of-the-art 3D visualization services are a testament to our dedication to realizing visions. We recognize that one of the most important aspects of the design process is picturing your place before it is built. Our talented 3D Visualization team turns ideas into vibrant, lifelike renderings using cutting edge technology, letting clients experience the possibilities of their future interiors.

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Our Procurement services are inextricably linked to our dedication to providing turnkey interior design solutions. We understand how crucial it is to locate the ideal furnishings, materials, and décor pieces in order to realize our creative ideas. At Design UPSPACES, our committed procurement team manages all facets of finding, buying, and delivering the components that set our designs apart, ensuring a smooth and effective process.


We provide more than just standard project management with our execution services. We know that a concept must be realized successfully by coordinating a symphony of components, from installation and construction to final touches. With a hands-on approach, Design UPSPACES ensures a perfect transition from concept to completion by supervising every step of the execution process.

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Vigilant supervision and quality control are integral parts of our commitment to providing unmatched interior design solutions. We understand how crucial it is to make sure that every little element fits the intended design, and our careful oversight procedure guarantees that the execution satisfies our high standards.

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Our thorough quality inspections cover every aspect, from the custom furniture's exquisite polish to the construction's structural integrity. According to Design UPSPACES, the perfect fusion of endurance, utility, and design is what defines true quality. Our rigorous inspections are therefore made to take into account both functional longevity and visual appeal.

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We recognize that the commitment we make to ensuring client satisfaction goes well beyond the project's conclusion. Our committed Support staff is here to make sure the post-design process is as smooth and enjoyable as the original adventure. We take great satisfaction in building enduring relationships with our clients, offering continuing support, and cultivating a climate of dependability and trust.

Our strategy is centered around collaboration; we engage in close work with customers to comprehend their goals, preferences, and way of life. With an eye for color schemes, custom furnishings, and spatial design, Design UPSPACES turns homes into aesthetically pleasing and extremely useful places that improve people’s quality of life.

At Design UPSPACES, we’re proud of our dedication to providing outstanding interior design services that exceed client expectations. Let’s go on an adventure to make your place a true representation of your style and a place that makes you feel at home.”