Referral Program

Welcome to Design UPSPACES Interior Design Studio’s exclusive “Refer and Earn” program, where your impeccable taste in design can now reward you! At Design UPSPACES, we believe that great designs deserve to be shared and appreciated. When you refer our bespoke interior design services to friends, family, or colleagues, you not only gift them the transformative experience of a uniquely crafted space but also unlock exciting rewards for yourself.

Our “Refer and Earn” program is designed to express our gratitude for your trust and endorsement. As a valued member of the Design UPSPACES community, every successful referral you make brings you closer to exclusive benefits, including discounts on your next project, complimentary design consultations, or even curated home decor items to elevate your space.

Embark on a journey of design excellence with Design UPSPACES, and let your recommendations become a source of mutual celebration. Share the joy of personalized interiors, and watch as your influence creates beautifully designed spaces for those you care about. With Design UPSPACES “Refer and Earn” program, your passion for exquisite design is not only appreciated but also rewarded. Start referring today and let the rewards flow as seamlessly as our design expertise.

Referral Program

Liked our works and designs,  recommend us to your Friends & Relatives and grab a cash price of Rs-15,000/-* Terms & Conditions Apply


  1. A customer who is referred and pays 5% of the total purchase value, either through a meeting or an order placed with Spaceller, is considered a successful referral.
  2. For each successful recommendation, you could receive a referral incentive of Rs. 10,000. A successful meeting is worth Rs. 2500, while a successful order is worth Rs. 7500.
  3. After the meeting goes well, your payment of Rs. 2500 will be completed. After any person who has been referred pays 5% of the order amount, payments of Rs. 7,500 will be handled.
  4. The account associated with your profile will receive the direct processing of your payment. Minimum value of the referred order should be Rs. 4 Lacs woodwork.
  5. The recommendation program will not take into account customers who are already registered in the Design UPSPACES system.
  6. Referral bonuses are not redeemable for cash or combined with any other offers.
  7. Design UPSPACES retains the right, at its sole discretion and without any previous notice, to terminate any or all of the offers.
  8. Spaceller maintains the right to reject any case that appears to be fraudulent.