Modular Kitchen

Let Design-UPspaces help you turn your kitchen into the heart of your home. Whether it’s coffee dates or dinner parties, our comprehensive design and installation services will transform your kitchen into a stylish and highly functional space.

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contemporary kitchen image

Contemporary Modular Kitchens:

1. Emphasizes sleek, clean lines and minimalistic design.
2. Utilizes flat-panel cabinet doors and handle-less designs.
3. Often features neutral color palettes with the occasional pop of color. Incorporates cutting-edge technology and innovative storage solutions.

Traditional Kitchen image

Traditional Modular Kitchens:

1. Draws inspiration from classic and timeless kitchen aesthetics.
2. Utilizes ornate cabinet doors, decorative trim, and molding.
3. Features rich, warm color schemes, such as deep wood tones and creams. Incorporates traditional materials like wood and stone for a timeless look.

contemporary kitchen image

Industrial Modular Kitchens:

1. Embraces an urban and utilitarian design concept.
2. Features exposed brick walls, metal accents, and open shelving.
3. Utilizes a color palette of grays, blacks, and muted tones. Incorporates stainless steel appliances for a rugged, industrial feel.

Scandinavian Modular Kitchen image

Scandinavian Modular Kitchens:

1. Celebrates simplicity, functionality, and natural elements.
2. Uses light-colored woods, such as pine or birch, for cabinets and flooring.
3. Maximizes natural light with large windows and minimal window treatments. Incorporates minimalist furniture and open shelving for a clutter-free space.

Mediterranean kitchen image

Mediterranean Modular Kitchens:

1. Takes inspiration from Mediterranean coastal regions.
2. Features warm, earthy colors, such as terra cotta and ocean blues.
3. Incorporates mosaic tiles, wrought iron, and rustic wood elements. Offers a relaxed, inviting atmosphere with a focus on family gatherings.

hi-tech modular kitchen image

High-Tech Modular Kitchens:

1. Integrates cutting-edge technology for convenience and efficiency.
2. Features smart appliances, touchless faucets, and automated lighting.
3. Includes digital displays and touchscreen controls for various functions. Incorporates built-in charging stations and connectivity options.

eco-friendly modular kitchen image

Eco-Friendly Modular Kitchens:

1. Prioritizes sustainability and environmentally friendly materials.
2. Uses recycled or reclaimed wood for cabinets and countertops.
3. Incorporates energy-efficient appliances and LED lighting. Promotes waste reduction and eco-conscious design principles.

open kitchen image

Open Concept Modular Kitchens:

1. Maximizes space and encourages interaction with adjacent living areas.
2. Remove barriers like walls to create a seamless flow.
3. Incorporates islands or peninsulas for additional workspace and seating. Uses a cohesive design scheme that complements the overall home decor.

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